The tear film in the front surface of our eyes keeps them not only comfortable but moist and healthy.

If the tear film is not enough (quantity) or does not have the proper chemical composition (quality), we have got dry eyes.


It includes scratchy and sandy eyes, stinging, burning, foreign body sensation. Also blurry vision, light sensitivity or watery eyes can be result of dry eyes.


Main causes of dry eyes are aging, medications like betablockers or diuretics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, contact lens wear, LASIK surgery, environmental factors, just to mention a few.

During the eye examination, the optometrist will check the eye surface and find out about causes and severity of the dry eye condition. If left untreated, it can lead not only to worsening of symptoms, but permanent vision loss due to infections and permanent scars.


There is a variety of options for dry eyes treatment, including removal of agents or situations that cause dryness, as well as symptom relief eye drops or ointments. When the situation is more than mild to moderate, there are medications that can help, as well as plugs that can slow down the drainage of tears.