Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is one of the most commons conditions people suffer. Particularly in Alberta.

The weather in our province does not help much about dryness, however there are quite a few other factors that can create or make dryness worse. The list includes medications, like hormonal replacement therapy, antidepressants, anti acne medications, just to mention a few. Also some medical conditions, like Sjögren syndrome, or thyroid disease. Procedures like laser eye surgery make eyes dry too.

The good news is that many times we are able to improve symptoms of dry eyes, not only by symptomatic relieve, but by working on the cause of the dry eye syndrome.

Artificial tears are one the most common agents for dry eyes. Eye drops versus gel or ointment, with preservative versus preservative free. There are many formulations, the optometrist will advise you which one would be better for your eyes, depending on your condition. Eye drops are not the only available tools. There are other anti inflammatory drops that can help in some situations. Also, plugs can be used too, to decrease the speed of tears going away from the eye surface.