In the eye exam, our optometrist will ask you about concerns you may have about your eyes and or eyesight.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Also he will inquire about present and past history of eye as well as body conditions that may impact the wellness of the visual system. It is recommended to bring a list of the medications that you are taking, especially if there are many to remember. Same applies to allergies. The eye doctor will also question about your family history, since many eye conditions can be hereditary.

The second step of the eye exam includes testing of the binocular vision, which is the way both eyes focus together; checking the refraction of the eyes, in order to get a prescription in case glasses correction is needed. Finally, the health of the eyes will be assessed, including test of the eyes pressures.

After that, our optometrist will recommend, based on the concerns and the findings, the need of wearing any glasses or the need of any eye treatment, in order to keep eyes healthy, or restore the healthy state in case something is not doing completely well.