Mission Statement

We believe that eyeglasses are not only a tool for vision correction but also a fashion accessory. Our unique and fashionable frames let our customers express their individual personality and style. No matter who you are, PlusMa has the frame for you!

Company History

PlusMa Eyewear was founded in 2007 by two Calgary opticians, Martin Hu and Cindy Ma. Dr. Ignacio Salvati joined the PlusMa team in 2012. With over 45 years of combined experience, they share a commitment to offering friendly, knowledgeable service and high quality products to their customers. PlusMa is a truly unique optometric and optical experience!

Where does the name come from?

+ is for positive. Martin Hu and Cindy Ma wanted to integrate it into a word so they combined the similar letters in their names and came up with Ma+Ma, in short +Ma, therefore the word “PlusMa” was created. And we hope to spread this PLUStivity (Positivity) in the service that we provide.